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Open Letter to the Gaucho Society for the Protection of the Pampa

Check out, below, the full text of the open letter released to Rio Grande do Sul society by the Coalização por Pampa, of which Agapan is one of the members and endorses the document. The document points out guidelines and actions for the conservation and sustainable use of the Pampa biome.

In summary, the letter points out 10 guidelines to ensure the protection of the Pampa:

1. Compliance with and regulation of the environmental legislation in force for the protection of the Pampa biome (such as the Forest Code itself), which includes the establishment of mechanisms for mandatory countryside replacement for the suppression of native fields of the Pampa and the implementation of the Payment Program for Environmental services.

2. Valuing Pampa's sustainable production chains.

3. Planning the occupation and use of the biome's soil, with the definition of minimum percentages for the conservation of the Pampa in all its physiognomies and the expansion of the biome's protected areas.

4. Participation of different social actors in the Pampa in the construction of public policies and strategic projects together with the government center.

5. Promotion of sustainable tourism as a tool for valuing the traditional territories of the Pampa biome.

6. Implementation of the processes of regularization and protection of traditional territories.

7. Development of actions to strengthen the autonomy of communities in relation to the sustainability of their territories.

8. Implementation of public communication policies on native fields.

9. Improvement in the quality of its waters, with measures such as the implementation of a pesticide monitoring network in surface and groundwater and policies to reduce the use of pesticides.

10. Adoption of inspection actions for the illegal suppression of native fields by Organs competent bodies, which includes the establishment of mechanisms for tracking and controlling the origin of grains originating from illegally converted areas and/or with environmental, labor and other illegalities embargoes.

Carta Aberta - Coalizao Pampa
Download PDF • 2.87MB


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